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Tax Appeals

A Tax Appeal is a request for independent review by a taxpayer that does not agree with an IRS or State taxing authority decision. The goal of the IRS Appeals Division is to "settle" disputes between the IRS and taxpayers.

If you want to dispute your back taxes, you must file an Appeals request within a certain time frame and follow the State or IRS guidelines for a valid Appeal's request. If a taxpayer doesn't file their Appeal request correctly and on time, they may lose their opportunity to have an Appeals officer listen to their side of the story.

The Collection Appeal is an Appeal by a taxpayer that has been threatened with or had suffered a Levy or Seizure. This threat could have been received either orally or in writing. OMNI Financial can file a Collection Appeal in these situations before the IRS follows through on their levy or seizure.

The Collection Appeal will explain how we think the back taxes situation could be solved without the IRS levy or seizure. The Appeal is assigned to an Appeals Officer who is required to make a prompt decision on your Appeal within five business days.

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