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Back Tax Help For Businesses

Back Tax Help For Businesses

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Help For Small Businesses

Don’t Let the IRS cripple or destroy your business!

If you are a small business owner and you or your business owes back taxes to the IRS or state, you’re not alone.  According to IRS reports, there are millions of small businesses and small business owners who are plagued by tax problems associated with back tax debts.  Hoping these problems will go away on their own usually results in disaster for a small business.

Penalties & Interest
Unresolved, back tax debts will increase exponentially, making your problem go from bad to worse.  Between penalties and accrued interest, failure to resolve your small business back tax debt can nearly double the overall tax liability over time, putting a huge financial strain on your enterprise. Click here to learn how Omni can help you reduce or eliminate interest and tax penalites.

Tax Liens
If mounting penalties and interest aren’t enough motivation to resolve a back tax problem, the IRS has the power to place a lien on you your business making it difficult to obtain financing and near impossible to complete critical business transactions.  If you are currently dealing with a tax lien, click here and learn how Omni can help you obtain release of the tax lien.

Bank Account Levy
Another among the several punitive actions the IRS can take is the ability to issue a tax levy on your company’s bank account or accounts receivable.  These levies allow the IRS to freeze and seize your cash and your revenue, wreaking havoc on your business.  Omni can help you get your tax levy lifted. Find out how.

Payroll Taxes
Owing back payroll taxes is generally considered to be the worst type of back tax problem.  The penalties assessed on delinquent payroll taxes can dramatically increase your back tax liability in a matter of months.  And, in some cases, the IRS will hold a business owner personally liable for a portion of the back payroll taxes through the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty,, putting your personal assests and bank accounts in jeopardy.  Click here to find out how Omni can represent you before the IRS and prevent a delinquent payroll tax problem from destroying your business.

State Taxes
If you are struggling with an IRS tax problem, chances are you may owe your state, as well.  While your state tax debt may not be as seemingly overwhelming as a tax debt to the IRS, State collection authorities are often quicker and more forceful in their collection efforts.  Having the help of an Omni attorney, familiar in state tax law, will help you find tax relief from state tax problems. Learn more ...

If your small business is struggling under the weight of back tax debt to the IRS or state, call Omni today, at (800) 540-0403.  Let experienced tax professionals work with you to resolve your tax problems before they hurt your company’s health.

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