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I recently read a book written by Bill O'Reilly, anchor for Fox News, and his advice was to never go up against a government agency, such as the IRS, without representation. OMNI Financial has been representing me for several years now, for my tax case, and most recently you have been my contact person handling my issues. Recently the IRS levied my account for a matter that has already been resolved, twice, by me on the phone with them. Apparently it wasn't and resulted in this disaster. I remember frantically calling you on the phone and you checked into it, found that I was right and had it removed immediately (before the sun set that day)

- D. Benbow
Flourtown, Pennsylvania

Tax problems can be one of the heaviest burdens on any business and thanks to OMNI that load seems to be getting lighter every day. I received advice when I needed it, decisions made in my behalf when I needed it, and treatment as a friend as well as a client when I needed it.

- D. Martin
Sebring, Florida

Newlook Systems contracted with OMNI Financial in 2003. At the time we were with another tax resolution company that we were very unhappy with. We were skeptical, but OMNI has lived up to every one of their promises. I have found that in every step of the way, OMNI's legal team have been courteous, informative and have answered my questions. I have been satisfied with the results that we are receiving and we are much relieved that they are handling our tax issues. I am confident that they will do the best for our company. I would not hesitate to recommend OMNI

- L. Anderson
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I would like to recommend OMNI Financial to those who are in need of representation with the IRS. The staff at OMNI have been extremely professional and courteous in their handling of my situation. They have been very helpful in my understanding of their process of how they deal with the IRS to resolve these matters. I had initially sought help in these matters from local firms, but OMNI Financial had the most reasonable fee combined with the most comprehensive team for my situation.

- J. Coburger
Pensacola, Florida

She is always straight with us. She tells us what we need to do, how we need to do it and in what timeframe we need to do it in. She speaks to us in normal terms, when we hang up the phone we are not looking at each other wondering what it was she just explained to us. We at Twin Maple Tool, Inc. could not have asked for a better representative to help us along this huge journey with the IRS.

- S. & R. Rudecki
Walkerton, Indiana

Thank you for all your efforts in working out a payment with the IRS. Their forceful tactics are very intimidating and sometimes frightful. I appreciate OMNI for having a staff of professionals that know how to deal with such a taskmaster.

- Stanley & Associates
Jacksonville, North Carolina

As you know, the last few years have been very stressful for our family, and dealing with the IRS has been an added anxiety. We had lost hope of obtaining any kind of compromise with the IRS when your company contacted us. Your confidence that you could help us gave us immediate encouragement and hope. We cannot thank you enough for the professional manner with which you have handled our problem and carried out your part of the contract exactly as you promised. Your recent news about our penalty abatement was a great surprise and relief, and has restored our faith that, at least, some people keep their word.

- Dr. & Mrs. A. R. Gregory
Kansas City, Missouri

OMNI helped our business get financing when it seemed impossible. They followed through and delivered what they said they would. Their professional service was truly outstanding."

- J. Sample-Weaver
Benton, Arizona

I don't know what I would have done if I had not had Will to tell me what I needed to do about the Internal Revenue Service and the Employment Development Department in order to keep them from taking all I currently had, as well as all I might have had in the future.

- B. Silva
Fontana, California

Having someone who cares to intervene and go to the IRS agents so that I did not have to be intimidated by them, and who knew what to say and also understands the laws to where they had our best interest at heart, is truly what OMNI Financial is all about.

- C. Brown
Dallas, Texas


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