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The Omni Tax Team

OMNI's tax debt relief staff has diagnosed the tax problems of thousands of businesses and individuals and offered the most practical; least complicated; least painful; and, above all, most effective paths to recovery. OMNI Financial can find tax debt solutions where conventional sources have failed.

OMNI tax professionals have represented over 30,000 taxpayers in situations just like yours. Use our professional staff to:

  • Settle Tax Debts via Offer in Compromise
  • Obtain or re-negotiate multi-year payment plans that fit your budget
  • Eliminate thousands in debt with penalty abatements
  • Get bank accounts and customers released from levies

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OMNI Financial employs over 150 people that do nothing other than help business owners and individuals like you with tax debt relief. We have skilled professionals such as CPAs, IRS Enrolled Agents, and Attorneys on staff to help guide you out of the tax debt holding back your business.

Once retained OMNI Financial will become your representative and communicate on your behalf with the various taxing authorities and collection agents. You will be free from their bothersome phone calls and protected from aggressive enforcement.
With OMNI Financial, you are hiring one of the most experienced, successful and ethical tax debt relief companies in the country to represent you. Your tax problems immediately become our problems, and we will work with unmatched dedication to eliminate them - quickly and effectively.

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